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Welcome to our Chaiathon page!

Becky Joey Rena Ami Wachsman

Hi! Thanks so much taking an interest in our Chaiathon effort! You can help us make our summer more meaningful by contributing to our Chaiathon page!

WE LOVE summer! We like everything about it - the fun, the things we do, and the friends we meet and keep. We would be so bored if we couldn't go to camp or do exciting activities during our summer vacation.

That's why we are doing this. Kids who are too sick for camp must feel extra awful during the summer. We are helping to send them to Camp Simcha/Camp Simcha Special, Chai Lifeline's summer camps for sick children, so that they can forget about being sick and have a great time this summer, too. By helping us, you're helping them!

More specifically, JOEY is aiming to build up to do 50 laps in honor of and for the refuah sheleima of Ilan refael ben tova rivka, a boy in his grade recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Thank you!

Best - becky joey rena ami



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1. GWGoldie Wachsman
I am proud of all of you for being part of this mitzvah and letting me be part of it too.Kisses,Savta
2. VWVivian Wachsman
3. ABAnnette Back
Refuah shlemah to Ilan. Praying for a speedy recovery. Aaron, Sara, Joshua and Stephen & Annette
4. LTLeah Tager
5. BBruder/Pretsfelders
Refuah shlemah to Ilan from the Bruder/Pretsfelders